1988-03-28 Hampton, VA Spring ‘88 East Coast Fun!

March 6, 2017

Hiya Everyone!


OK - First Thing: I realized as I was making this podcast that the file sizes on my last few ones were Huge!  Much larger than needed to be, so my apologies for that!  This one's file size is much more reasonable, with no discernable loss in fidelity.  (As always - for best fidelity see bt.etree.org, archive.org or any other site for your .flac files!)


So - with that done, on with the show!


I'm not necesarily feeling better about 'things', but am deciding to handle them a little differently!  Let's get on with some music, shall we?


The Show:

1988-03-28 Hampton Colesium in Hampton, VA

Feel Like A Stranger->Franklin's Tower, "We Want Phil"/Box of Rain, Touch of Grey->Man Smart, Woman Smarter, Ship of Fools, Truckin'->The Other One->Stella Blue>Throwin' Stones->Not Fade Away, The Mighty Quinn


This is a rousing good time from a year that I admittedly have never really paid much attention to.  I'd like to thank YouTuber Voodoonola for upping a really great video of the 2nd set of this show:




I watched most of it and had a great time.  The band is clearly enjoying themselves, and it shows!


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Thanks for stopping by, see you sometime!


Stephen Urbauer


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